Grupa Azoty Brand

The history of the brand.

Grupa Azoty is a project geared towards the future. But this has always been the case. 
When in 1927 President Ignacy Mościcki decided to build a State Factory of Nitrogen Compounds, this was very much a vision of the future.

It was the vision of a great Polish chemicals industry. This vision – as well as the history of all the companies in the Group -  is our mission for the coming decades. We have come a long way. We have changed. We have passed many milestones and broken down many barriers. Today, we are competing with the biggest chemicals companies in Europe. But this has required power - the power to create, something which we draw upon from our own tradition.

Brand Identity

Grupa Azoty is a brand that represents the highest standards. The wider the range of our products and services, the more we care about the surrounding world and the quality of human life. Hence, in our desire to achieve perfection in all areas of our operations we consider the importance of both building company values and ensuring the satisfaction of all those who use our products. We have created a strong, modern capital group. We have set ourselves ambitious goals.

We are chemists – hence we know how to take from the world what people need and give back to it what is unnecessary and without harming it. So that water remains water and air is still air. This is because we know how to maintain a dialogue with nature. We look inside matter to find solutions to everyday human problems. We help the Earth to yield its riches and people to work on Earth. We are chemists, and hence we know how to connect – people, companies, ideas and atoms. And not only that.

We always remember that the companies in our Group  are part of a region, a community, a history. We operate among people who give us so much that we feel responsible for the world in which they live, for the health of their children, for the traditions of their land. We know that the world exists thanks to harmony. Between what was and what will be. Between the experience of our elders and the enthusiasm of our young people. Between risk and security. Between the individual and the group. Between strength and flexibility. We want to make use of this harmony in our strategy and introduce it into the world.

The value system of the Grupa Azoty brand.

Grupa Azoty

Grupa Azoty. When we adopted this name we were guided by two considerations: a respect for our own tradition and the principle of simplicity. We believe that even in our highly complex and rapidly changing modern world, simplicity remains a source of effectiveness and strength. The  strength of the company itself and the power and clarity of the message through which the company communicates its mission.  Grupa (“Group”) - because we are all together, even if we have different experiences and operate in different areas. Because we complement one another. Azoty („Nitrogen”) – because it has always been there.  It was under this slogan that Poland’s modern chemicals industry was first born. And it is our desire to enter new world markets  guided by this same slogan.

The Power of Creation

Hidden inside matter is energy. The energy that fuels connection, transformation and growth. Thanks to energy the world is colourful and heterogeneous. Thanks to it crops grow and flowers bloom. Thanks to it chemistry is possible. This energy is the power of creation. We use it and guide it to change the world for the better. But when we observe the inner life of matter we learn. We learn how to shift that power of creation onto ever higher levels. How to use it in the life of a company operating on an increasingly competitive international market. We have thus harnessed this energy to connect people, ideas and traditions. To change the world and human life. To build values. We know, however, that every success along this road brings greater responsibility. A responsibility towards customers, shareholders and employees. A responsibility for the environment, for quality, for harmony in the world. We do not fear such responsibility – because the power is with us. The power of creation.


Power attracts. We have created a strong, modern capital group. We want to announce ourselves to the world in different ways. This is because we believe that power manifests itself most nobly in a willingness to take care of and help others – especially those who need help in order to discover their own strength. To discover their own creative potential and realise their own potential. Power awakens pride. We want to be proud of our sportsmen, sportswomen and artists. We want to be proud of our regions. We want to be proud of Poland. 

Hence, wherever we see the potential for success we nurture it. At Grupa Azoty we have passed many milestones and broken down many barriers. We want to teach others to do the same.

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