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By concentrating together companies with unique core competencies in the chemicals industry, Grupa Azoty has become the largest holding in the sector in Poland and a leading group in Europe.

Grupa Azoty focuses on the production of inorganic fertilisers, caprolactam, structural materials and other highly processed chemicals, such as OXO, plasticizers, titanium white, AdBlue®. The Group is also the largest supplier of ammonia and phosphoric acid in Poland. 
The scale of its production of multi-component fertilisers sets the group apart as market leader in Poland and allowed it to emerge as one of the largest producers of fertilisers of this type in Europe. The variety and volume of nitrogenous fertilizers offered by the Group makes it the second largest entity on the Polish market and a significant European supplier in terms of market share. Grupa Azoty is ranked fifth among European producers of polyamides and is the only producer of polyacetal (POM), OXO and titanium white in the country. The group has its own research facilities, which allows it to market new goods or variations of existing ones as well as to co-operate closely with customers so as to satisfy their individual needs.

Grupa Azoty generates the highest revenues in Poland’s great chemical synthesis sector. It is the largest industrial consumer of natural gas in the country and it also has at its disposal independent sources of supply from domestic deposits of this strategic raw material. The Group includes companies with a complementary range of products and offering their customers a complete range of inorganic fertilisers, i.e. nitrogenous fertilizers and multicomponent fertilizers.

The Group’s products were sold in over 50 countries worldwide in 2009-2012.

The advantage of Grupa Azoty over its competitors lies in its broad and diverse range of chemical products, which are adjusted to demand cycle variables, as well as in its ability to react quickly to the needs of the chemical fertilizers market. The Group has at its disposal a well-developed logistics infrastructure and system-based solutions, which ensure maximum efficiency when it comes to  supplying raw materials and shipping goods. 

In terms of product and technology development, Grupa Azoty skilfully combines its own research facilities with cooperation with numerous external research units, both domestic and international. Thanks to its capital and effective management Grupa Azoty is the market leader. 

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