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Operational excellence

Operational Excellence is a multi-faceted approach to optimisation, oriented towards long-term sustainable results.
Consolidation of the Grupa Azoty Group has already allowed it to secure significant synergies, with efficiency improvement projects implemented at the individual Group companies. Seeking to achieve the same goals at the corporate level and pursue a general vision for the Group, the Grupa Azoty Group is implementing Azoty PRO – a comprehensive operational excellence programme. Azoty PRO is one of the three pillars of operationalisation of the Strategy for 2014–2020.

For more information, visit – a knowledge and experience sharing platform for the Grupa Azoty Group companies.

Operational excellence consists in using appropriate mechanisms to continually improve 
a company's efficiency, for instance by making its processes more productive while reducing their costs. Once fully implemented, the Azoty PRO operational excellence programme should bring the Group PLN 300m plus in annual gains.

Completing the programme will not only bring tangible financial benefits, but also usher in a new organisational culture, integrate the Grupa Azoty Group, and promote commitment and innovation. The Azoty PRO programme encompasses various efficiency boosting measures, a knowledge and experience sharing platform for the Grupa Azoty Group companies, a leadership development process, and change management support. The implementation of the programme will also support ongoing improvement of the Grupa Azoty Group's competitive position on global markets through maximising existing synergies and increasing efficiency and productivity at the Group companies.

Operational excellence is deployed in five areas:
  • Production,
  • Logistics and procurement,
  • Repairs and overhauls,
  • Energy intensity,
  • Support functions.

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