Grupa Azoty

Financial Strategy

The main objective of Grupa Azoty for the strategic period is the generation of increasing economic value added (EVA) and distribution of profits to stakeholders, especially Shareholders, through the implementation of an optimal profit redistribution strategy. In order to effectively achieve the economic value added (EVA) growth strategy, the Group has adopted detailed financial goals expressed by increasing main operating and financial indicators, descriptive of the effects of implementing a value-based enterprise management model (VBM):
  • ROE > 12%, 
  • ROCE > 14%, 
  • EBIT/EBITDA margin > 8% / 14%.

The long-term Group financing program has been adapted to Group development aims and assumptions, taking into account appropriate investment expenditure levels. The above factors comprise the main axis of financing strategy, simultaneously guaranteeing liquidity as well as solvency of all of the Group’s companies, as measured by a group of indicators which additionally fulfil creditor requirements. The Group’s financing strategy will be implemented in line with the following conditions for ensuring the minimum levels of Grupa Azoty ’s and its leading companies’ indicators: 
  • net financial debt ratio in relation to EBITDA, calculated as net financial debt / EBITDA (per annum)-below 2.5,
  • net debt/own capital not exceeding 0.8.

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