Grupa Azoty

Commercial Strategy

Making chemistry safe to people and striving to increase the Group’s worth, we care for lasting and successful relations with our clients. We aim to become our clients’ first choice of supplier, which is why our products are of the highest quality. We also conduct ongoing improvement of service, seeking out effective and innovative solutions.


Mineral fertilizers

The key aim of Grupa Azoty in the area of mineral fertilizer sales will be to build our position as fertilizer market leader based on an innovative customer service system through:
  • direct and indirect sales reach with our complementary product range for farmers,
  • flexible and profitable sales using synergies found within the Group,
  • elongating the value chain of fertilizer products on offer,
  • expanding the value chain by adding assets from complementary businesses,
  • implementation of agricultural consulting sales support,
  • creation of a single sales headquarters, centralizing commerce and marketing,
  • ongoing presence in selected global markets,
  • identifying markets with asymmetric demand cycles and developing a product offer for them.


The goal of Grupa Azoty with regard to plastics will be maintaining our position as a leading plastics supplier through:
  • extending the value chain,
  • diversification of applications and regions of target market segments,
  • adding dedicated products to the range,
  • developing direct collaboration with plastics processors,
  • expanding and improving technical service,
  • development of technical consulting,
  • adapting the product range to current and future market trends,
  • creation of a single sales headquarters, centralizing product commerce and marketing.


Grupa Azoty aim in the sphere of chemicals will be maintaining its leading position on the plasticizers and OXO alcohols Central and Eastern European market, as well as the growth of sales of other chemicals found in the Group’s chemical products portfolio.
This goal will be achieved by:
  • introducing a new generation of plasticizers into the product range,
  • expanding product chains,
  • improving the customer service system through the application of innovative logistics solutions,
  • expansion into new, promising market segments and locations,
  • concentration of marketing efforts on processors as end-customers.
The Group will be a supplier of chemical products furthering its clients’ competitiveness on global markets as well as improving their finished products.

Raw materials

Grupa Azoty will strive to ensure strategic materials’ supply security, which will enable sustained continuity of production processes, as well as maximum use of production capacity. These aims will be achieved through the diversification of supply sources. In our search for new and alternative sources of raw materials, the Group may consider capital links with materials suppliers. The Group will also work towards minimising raw materials costs through the integration of purchasing structures.


We aim to achieve successful market competitiveness and increased value by building 
a central office providing innovative market knowledge management and new product brand development. To achieve these aims, the Group will implement effective know-how management for decision-making purposes, assessment of trade security, raising product brand awareness and indicate prospective markets for product offer development.


Grupa Azoty delivers its products to two groups of clients, both requiring different customer service: clients of agricultural products and clients of chemical products. The Group will continue to perfect its customer service and delivery chain management, optimize conditions of cooperation with transport, as well as make optimal use of its storage and transhipment infrastructure.

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