Grupa Azoty

Product Strategy

Mineral Fertilizers

The mineral fertilizers sector will be the largest area of activity during the strategic period, with key importance to the Group’s operations. The Group continues expanding its fertilizer range to include liquid and specialist fertilizers, as well as other products and services for agriculture.


During the strategy’s lifetime, polyamides, polyoxymethylene and modified plastics will continue to form the key elements of the Group’s construction plastics product portfolio. Increasing the existing production capacity of construction plastics and further product diversification in this sector is planned for the period 2013-2020.


During the strategy’s lifetime, caprolactam,melamine, OXO alcohols, plasticizers, ammonia, concentrated nitric acid, titan white and urea for non-fertilizer purposes will continue to form the key elements of the Group’s chemicals product portfolio.
A greater degree of diversification of the chemicals product portfolio is also planned, especially with regard to specialist chemicals. Activities leading to balancing caprolactam
and polyamide 6 production capacity will also be conducted. Plans for plasticizers include expansion of the product range to cover a new generation of plasticizers.
Modernization projects will be implemented on existing production units, directed primarily at improving energy efficiency and consequently lowering production costs of the chemicals on offer.


Between 2013-2020, the existing coal power plants will continue to provide the majority of thermoelectric energy for the production complexes in Tarnów and Police. The operating thermoelectric plants will be systematically modernized, with the scale and scope of the modernization adapted to changing legislation, especially with regard to environmental impacts.
Following 2015, the main source of thermoelectric power in Kędzierzyn-Koźle will be provided by a new power plant Work leading to the realization of a project for the construction of a thermoelectric plant in Puławy will be conducted with a strategic partner in order to secure the long-term energy supply needs of Grupa Azoty Puławy.
Securing thermoelectric energy requirements in the longer term will depend primarily on adopted legal and market regulations.

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