Grupa Azoty

Development Directions

In our strive to increase value, Grupa Azoty will concentrate its activities on taking advantage of the opportunities found in its environment and developing the competencies which are key to the Group’s competitive position, especially:
  • increasing the scale of the Group’s operations through internal growth, as well as alliances, mergers and acquisitions in Poland and abroad,
  • deepening integration between Group entities in order to maximize synergies,
  • reducing the Group’s vulnerability to energy costs through the application of efficient technological and energy solutions,
  • decreasing vulnerability to fluctuating economic cycles, as well as natural gas and petrochemical raw materials prices through extending product chains,
  • lowering production costs through the modernization of main production lines,
  • forging stable and effective customer relations, increasing awareness of the Group’s leading brands and optimizing logistics and product distribution systems,
  • increasing the effectiveness of key processes while securing and effectively managing intellectual capital,
  • ongoing adaptation of product quality and range to customer requirements,
  • related diversification through the application of synergies including elements of the current product portfolio,
  • ongoing improvement of products through the application of innovative technologies.

Between 2013–2020, the core activity of Grupa Azoty will be production and trade in the following sectors:
  • agricultural products sector, especially mineral fertilizers,
  • state-of-the-art materials sector, especially construction plastics,
  • organic chemicals sector, especially caprolactam, melamine, OXO alcohols, plasticizers and specialist chemicals,
  • inorganic chemicals sector, especially ammonia and titan white.

The Group will continue to follow the rules of sustainable development, limiting its impact on the natural environment within an economically rational framework while simultaneously taking into account the needs of local communities.

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