Product Stewardship Standard

The Grupa Azoty Group has implemented a management system compliant with the Fertilizers Europe Product Stewardship Standard. 

The Group companies commit to manage their fertilizer products carefully at each stage of the manufacturing process, assuming responsibility for the product throughout its entire life cycle: from development, through production, distribution, and usage, to verification whether it has the properties declared by the manufacturer. In addition to covering various safety, health and environmental aspects, the stewardship of Grupa Azoty products represents a commitment on the part of the Group companies to fulfil applicable legal requirements and observe other regulations concerning fertilizer products.

The Grupa Azoty Group was awarded the prestigious certificate following a series of stringent audits performed at the Grupa Azoty Group companies in 2014 to verify their compliance with Product Stewardship standards.

In 2017, Grupa Azoty companies started a recertification audit as part of the Product Stewardship Program. The audit confirmed the compliance of the management standard implemented in Grupa Azoty's companies with the requirements of the Product Stewardship Program. Certificates granted to Grupa Azoty Group companies are valid until 30/06/2020.

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