Tomasz Hinc, Vice-President of the Management Board

Appointed Member of the Company's Management Board of the tenth term of office under the Supervisory Board's resolution of May 20th 2016.
At Grupa Azoty S.A., Mr Hinc is responsible for procurement.

Graduate of the University of Szczecin.


  • 1997−2007 − University teacher at schools of higher education in Szczecin, lecturing on organisation and management, human resources management, sociology and public relations.
  • From 2007 − Adviser to the Management Board of Totalizator Sportowy Sp. z o.o. of Warsaw and then Head of the Szczecin Branch; 2008 − acting Head of the Zielona Góra Branch; since 2013 − also Head of the Koszalin Branch
  • From 2006 − Member of the Szczecin City Council in three consecutive terms; since 2014 − Deputy Chair of the Council.
  • Since 2015 − Representative of Szczecin in the Pomerania Euroregion Council. 
  • 2013−2015 − Member of the Szczecin Council of Public Benefit Activities. 
  • 2007−2014 − Member of the Security and Order Committee of the Mayor of Szczecin. 
  • Since 2003 − Member of the Social Council of the Regional Oncology Hospital in Szczecin of the Zachodniopomorskie Oncology Centre.

Additional Information 

2014 − Finalist of the 6th edition of the Polish National Sales Awards 
2015 − Honourable mention in the 7th edition of the Polish National Sales Awards

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