Artur Kopeć – Member of the Management Board

Member of the Management Board of Grupa Azoty S.A. since February 2012. On the Management Board, he is responsible for production assets, plant safety, environmental protection, critical infrastructure and social dialogue.
  • Graduate of the Chemical Technology Faculty of Wrocław University of Technology (2002),
  • Completed postgraduate course in entrepreneurship at Cracow University of Economics,
  • Completed managerial course organised by Rudzka Agencja Rozwoju and Training Partners.

Training and courses:
Completed a number of training courses in management, health and safety, ISO and environmental protection.
In 2010 completed a course for members of supervisory boards of state-owned companies.

Professional experience:
  • 2003 − employment with State Vocational School in Tarnów,
  • Since October 1st 2003 − employed by Zakłady Azotowe w Tarnowie-Mościcach S.A. (now Grupa Azoty S.A.) in the following positions:
    - ­ technician at the Department of Ammonia (2003−2005),
    - ­ shift master at the Department of Catalysts (August−November 2005),
    - ­ ammonia synthesis technician at the Fertilizers Centre (2006−2009),
    - ­ fertilizer specialist technologist and engineer supervising construction of the Mechanical Fertilizer Granulation Unit (2006−2009),
    - ­ testing and commissioning manager at the Mechanical Fertilizer Granulation Unit (2008−2009),
    - ­ ammonia and hydrogen management specialist at the Ammonia Department (2010−2011),
    - ­ since 2011 − head of the Ammonia Department and commissioning manager at the hydrogen production unit,
    -­ since February 2012 − Member of the Management Board of Grupa Azoty S.A.

Additional information:
  • Since 2006 – member of the Polish Association of Chemical Engineers,
  • In 2013−2014 – Deputy Chairman of the supervisory board of ŻSSA Unia Tarnów.
  • Major professional accomplishments included successful launch of production of Saletrosan, a new fertilizer. Co-authored the “Process of preparation of ammonium nitrate-sulfate” invention filed in European and Polish patent applications, and a number of improvement concepts.
  • Major accomplishments on the Management Board include:
    - ­contribution to work on consolidation of the Polish chemical industry,
    ­ - negotiation of social packages at the Puławy and Grzybowo plants,
    ­ - integration of occupational health and safety, environmental protection and fire protection functions,
    ­ - establishment of the Fire Protection Team (ZOP),
    ­ - establishment of the Grupa Azoty Rescue Education Centre (CERGA),
    ­ - significant reduction of the accident rate at the Group,
    ­ - implementation of DuPont’s STOPTM programme.

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