Copper catalyst

Copper catalyst
Trade name: Copper catalyst TMC-3/1, TMC-3/1-K, TMC-3/1-Cs
Chemical name: Copper catalyst
PKWiU classification:

Unit: Grupa Azoty S.A.

Product description

TMC-3/1 catalysts are coprecipitation type catalysts. They are provided in CuO, ZnO, Al2O3 oxide form. The active ingredient is metallic copper. The presence of caesium compounds guarantees high catalyst selectivity, while the addition of potassium compounds increases the catalytic deposit's resistance to toxins. The catalyst's active formed is obtained through a reduction process conducted in the reactor.

The main properties of copper catalyst TMC-3/1 include:
  • high and stable performance,
  • selectivity,
  • high mechanical strength,
  • low flow resistance,
  • long lifespan.

Application and use

Low temperature conversion of carbon oxide with water vapour in processes of obtaining hydrogen, syngas and ammonia.

Packing and transport

The copper catalyst is packed in polyethylene bags placed in 210 litre metal drums. The drums are tightly sealed for protection against moisture and contamination. Different packing is permissible upon agreement with the customer, provided it will secure the product equally well as the type mentioned above.

Transport conditions should prevent mechanical damage to the drums and exposure of the catalyst to moisture and contamination.
The copper catalyst is a hazardous product according to RID and ADR regulations:
  • class 9,
  • packing group III,
  • UN number 3077.


The copper catalyst should be stored in the producer's original tightly sealed packaging, in rooms protected against moisture and contamination, at room temperature. Drums may be stacked maximum two high.

Service and technical assistance

In order to provide the highest standard of customer service, Grupa Azoty S.A. guarantees free service and technical assistance as part of its catalyst sales.

As part of technical service, Grupa Azoty S.A.'s specialists monitor:
  • catalyst loading,
  • catalyst unloading,
  • catalyst reduction,
  • production line start-up.
Free service includes 7 days.

Technical assistance by Grupa Azoty S.A. includes:

  • catalyst performance forecasting before delivery,
  • recommendations for optimizing catalyst performance,
  • regular catalyst performance evaluation throughout its lifecycle,
  • help in eliminating effects of catalyst performance malfunctions.

Collection of used catalysts and assistance in catalyst exchange

Upon request, in cooperation with tried and tested partners, Azoty Tarnów's specialists may assist in organizing:
  • exchange of catalytic deposit and reactor cleaning,
  • collection of used catalysts and their recycling.


Tech support: Catalysts Plant

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fax +48 14 637 35 12

Sales information: Catalysts Plant

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