Nitric acid 60%

Nitric acid 60%
Trade name: Nitric acid /V/ 60%
Chemical name: Nitric acid /V/
PKWiU Classification: 20.15.10. 0
CN Code: 2808 00 00 
Unit: Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A.

Product description

Nitric acid 60% is a clear, light yellow liquid with a characteristic acrid smell. 

Application and use

Nitric acid is used in the manufacture of nitrogen compounds.
 Packing and transport
Nitric acid is loaded in tankers and tanker trucks made of acid resistant steel.


Nitric acid is transported in tankers made of acid resistant steel.
Nitric acid is a dangerous material pursuant to ADR/RID regulations:
  • RID: class 8, packing group II
  • ADR: class 8, packing group II.
Labelling of tankers and tanker trucks:
Orange warning plates with identification numbers 80 / 2031 and warning label No. 8 according to the RID/ADR.


Nitric acid is to be stored in acid resistant steel containers placed on acid resistant plates with an outlet to neutralisation drains.
Nitric acid storage facilities should have:
  • mechanical ventilation in good working condition,
  • acid resistant, non-absorbent and easy to clean flooring, 
  • acid resistant wall coating, 
  • external water supply system,
  • separate drainage system.
 Storage temperature should be kept below 30oC


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