Mixed acids

Mixed acids
Mixed acids

Trade name: Mixed acids
Chemical name: nitro-hydrochloric acid
PKWiU number:

Unit: Grupa Azoty S.A.

Product description 

Mixed acid - a colourless or light yellow liquid, with a sharp, choking smell; caustic, toxic. It has oxidising and nitrating properties. It fumes in air and gives off nitrogen dioxide, sulphur oxides and acid vapours. The liquid is non-flammable. It dissolves in water giving off substantial amounts of heat. Contact between mixed acid and most metals should be avoided. In contact with organic materials, it may result in their combustion. Mixed acid reacts dangerously with metallic elements and reducing agents. In contact with skin, it causes dangerous burns, and on penetrating the subcutaneous layer and muscle, it causes necrosis.

Application and use 

Used in production of explosives and dyes as well as pharmaceutical industry. 

Packing and transport

Mixed acids must be transported in acid proof steel (or other material resistant to its properties) rail or truck cisterns. These should be labelled according to hazardous materials transport regulations.

Nitric acid (V) content in the mixed acids does not exceed 50%:
  • class: 8,
  • classification code: C1,
  • packing group: II,
  • hazard identification number: 80,
  • UN nr: 1796,
  • label: 8.

Nitric acid (V) content in the mixed acids exceeds 50%:
  • class: 8,
  • classification code: CO1,
  • packing group: I,
  • hazard identification number: 885,
  • UN nr: 1796,
  • labels: 8 and 5,1.


Mixed acids must be kept in tightly sealed acid proof steel (or other material resistant to its properties) tanks, in conditions which protect the product from changes in its properties and the environment from contamination.


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