Iron (II) Sulphate (II) heptahydrate

Iron (II) Sulphate (II) heptahydrate
Iron (II) Sulphate (II) heptahydrate FeSO4 x 7H2O

PKWiU classification:
CN code: 2833

Unit: Grupa Azoty POLICE


  • Appearance: crystalline salt
  • Colour: green-blue
  • Bulk density: 08 - 1,0 kg / dm3
  • Melting point: 64 °C
  • Well soluble in water

Quality parameters

  • FESO4 x 7H2O: min. 78.0 %m/m
  • FE2+: min. 15.6 %m/m
  • TiO2 : max. 0.5 %m/m
  • H2SO4: less than 1.0 %m/m
  • parts insoluble in water: max. 0.5 %m/m


Iron (II) sulphate heptahydrate FeSO4 x 7H2O is used mostly as a raw material in the production of:
  • Coagulants used for treating water and wastewater, 
  • Iron pigments, mostly iron oxide black and iron oxide red,
  • Fibreboard. 
It is also used in the pulp, paper and copper industry.

Packing, storage and transportation

Iron (II) sulphate is transported in bulk with trucks, barges and ships. It should be stored in roofed rooms or in storage yards protected against rain. During longer periods of storage it shows a natural propensity for oxidation and changes in colour to brown-yellow.


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