Anhydrous ammonia

Anhydrous ammonia
Anhydrous ammonia

Chemical name: Anhydrous ammonia
PKWiU classification:
CN code: 2814 10 00
Unit: Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A.

Product description

Liquid ammonia is a transparent colourless liquid with a characteristic pungent odour, violently boiling under normal conditions.

Applications and use

Liquid ammonia is used in the chemical industry for the production of fertilisers, explosives and saponification of fats and oils. It is also used in the refrigeration industry, metallurgy, medicine and for other purposes.

Packing and transportation

Liquid ammonia is transported in: 
  • Truck and rail cisterns,
  • Steel cylinders of the recipient.

Ammonia cylinders marking and colour coding according to PN-EN 1089-3:1999 

Marking ammonia cylinders:

a) According to the Ordinance of the (Polish) Minister of Health of 02 Sep 2003:
  • The name, address and phone number of the producer,
  • The name of the product: “Liquid ammonia,”
  • The warning sign and inscription: “Toxic product,”
  • The warning sign and inscription: “Product hazardous to the environment,”
  • The phrase:“R:10-23-34-50” to denote hazards,
  • The phrase “S:9-16-26-36/37/39-45-61” to denote handling methods for ammonia,
  • The inscription: “EC marking,”
  • The inscription: “EC Number 231-635-3,”
b) According to RID/ADR regulations: 
  • The inscription: “UN 1005 Liquid Ammonia,”
  • The warning labels nos. 2.3 and 8,


Ammonia is transported in truck cisterns, rail cisterns and steel cylinders according to section 6.

Liquid ammonia is a hazardous material according to RID/ADR regulations:
Class 2, classification code 2TC according to the RID.
Klas2, classification code 2TC according to the ADR.


  • Truck cisterns: orange warning plates with identification numbers 268 / 1005 and warning labels 2.3 and 8 according to the ADR,
  • Rail cisterns: orange warning plates with identification numbers 268 / 1005 and warning labels 2.3 and 8(+13) according to the RID,
  • Vehicles transporting ammonia cylinders: orange warning plates on the front and back of the vehicle.


Liquid ammonia should be stored in steel cylinders, in appropriate fixed tanks, according to the regulations of the Technical Supervision in force.

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