PULNOx® Grupa Azoty POLICE

PULNOx<sup>®</sup> Grupa Azoty POLICE

Trade name: PULNOx®  
Chemical name: Carbonic acid diamide water solution 
PKWiU classification:
CN code: 31021010

Unit: Grupa Azoty POLICE

Product description

Technical solution of urea is a clear transparent liquid, slightly opalescent, straw-coloured, with a weakly perceptible ammonia odour, easily diluted in water.

Applications and use

The technical solution of urea is used in the power industry to reduce nitric oxides content in flue gases; in household chemistry, building materials and chemical industries.

Packing and transportation

The technical solution of urea is transported by: 
Steel rail or truck cisterns,
Individual packages of the recipients made of steel or plastic,
Other types of packages are allowed if they ensure safety of the product in storage, transport and use.
Products sent to domestic recipients should be marked on the external side of the packages with a permanent inscription or label stating at least the following information:
a) The name and address of the producer, 
b) The trade name of the product according to section 1 and the type,
c) Net mass,
d) Handling signs according to PN-EN ISO 780:2001 signs nos. 4,6,14, 
e) The date of production,
f) The guaranteed shelf life.
Products exported should be packed and marked as agreed with the recipient.


Technical solution of urea is transported in rail and truck cisterns or in individual packages according to the above recommendations. Urea in individual packages should be transported with any means of transport with the storage conditions observed.
The product is not classified as hazardous pursuant to the RID/ADR regulations.


Technical solution of urea should be stored in tightly closed steel or plastic tanks. Tanks should be protected against heating from direct sunlight and against cooling down the product below (-9)°C. Failure to observe the above rules may cause changes in the quality of the product. Individual packages with the product should be stored in roofed rooms and stored in 2 layers at the most, only vertically, with the closure upwards. At a temperature of 0°C, abrupt mechanical impact on individual plastic packages should be avoided.


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phone: +48 91 317 19 91, mobile phone +48 519 501 116

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