LIKAM® Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A.

LIKAM<sup>®</sup> Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A.

Trade name: LIKAM®
Chemical name: ammonia, solution
PKWiU classification: 24.15.10-77.10
CN code: 2814 20 00 

Unit: Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A.

Product description

The product is a colourless, transparent liquid with a characteristic pungent ammonia odour. 

Applications and use

The product is used in the rubber industry, for the production of dyes, organic primary products and chemical fertilisers.

Packing and transportation

The product is transported in: Cisterns, steel truck cisterns,
Individual packages of the recipient, made of steel or any other material allowed by the Research and Development Centre for transporting ammonia solution.

Markings of individual packages of the recipient

The package should be marked with a permanent inscription or label with permanent inscription including at least:

a)The marking resulting from the Ordinance of the (Polish) Minister of Health of 02 Sep 2003: 
  • The name, address and phone number of the producer,
  • The trade name of the product according to section 1a,
  • The warning sign and inscription: “Caustic product,”
  • The warning sign and inscription: “Product hazardous to the environment,” 
  • The specification of hazard corresponding with the phrase: “R:34-50,”
  • The specification of safe handling of the product corresponding with the phrase “S: 26-36/37/39-45-61,”
  • The inscription: “EC marking,”
  • The inscription: “EC Number 215-647-6,”
b)The handling mark according to PN-EN ISO:2001, mark no 4, 
c)The marking resulting from the RID and ADR regulations:
  • The UN identification number “UN 2672,”
  • Warning label no 8,
d)The UN certification mark for packages (directly on the package).


The product is transported in cisterns and packages described above with any means of transport, with the storage conditions observed.

The product is a hazardous material according to the RID/ADR regulations
RID kl 8,classification code C5,packing group III
ADR kl 8,classification code C5,packing group III

  • The means of road transport transporting technical ammonia solution in individuals packages should be marked with orange reflective warning plates.
  • The pictogram should be placed on the means of transport: “Poses hazard for water environment”
  • Marking of cisterns and truck cisterns
  • Orange warning plates with the 80 / 2672 identification numbers and a warning label no. 8 according to the RID/ADR.
  • The pictogram should be placed: “Poses hazard to the water environment”


The product should be stored in storage tanks made of carbon or acid-resistant steel, or in sealed packages according to the above recommendations. Preventative measures should be taken to minimize the impact of direct sunlight and heat sources on the tanks. Technical ammonia solution should not be stored along with acids.


Sales information: Ewa Jakubczyk

phone +48 77 481 39 90

fax +48 77 481 26 27



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