NOXy® Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY

NOXy<sup>®</sup> Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY
NOXy® (also known as AdBlue® 1)       

Trade name: NOXy® (AdBlue®)
Chemical name: 32.5% urea solution 

Unit: Grupa Azoty Puławy

NOXy® is a new brand used by the Grupa Azoty Group to market its 32.5% urea water solution, also known as AdBlue®, obtained from technically pure (contaminant-free) urea and demineralised water.

Product description:

NOXy® is non-toxic, odourless, colourless, safe and environmentally-friendly. High quality and purity of the solution must be assured at the production stage, but also during transport and storage. All surfaces coming into direct contact with NOXy® should be free from contaminants (oil, fuels, detergents) and solids.

Applications and use:

As a chemical product, NOXy® (AdBlue®) finds its application in vehicle emissions control technologies which convert toxic nitric oxides (NOx) into harmless nitrogen and steam. NOXy® is used chiefly by the automotive industry as an element of SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems, enabling compliance with the stringent standards of exhaust emissions from Diesel engines.

For more information on the SCR technology, go to the website.

Packaging and transport:

NOXy® is transported in:
road tankers (partial tanker load deliveries of min. 2,000 litres and full tanker load deliveries of 22,000 litres),
1,000-litre Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC), 
10, 18, 20, 30-litre canisters,
220-litre barrels. 
In order to prevent any contamination of NOXy® and corrosion of the equipment, all tanks, containers (along with pipes), valves and instruments used to transport the product should be made from highly alloyed austenite steel, as well as various plastics (polyethylene plastics, polypropylene plastics, isobutylene plastics, fluoroethylene plastics, etc.).

To prevent any deterioration of its quality during transport and storage, the product should not be transported for prolonged periods in temperatures above 25°C to prevent urea decomposition and/or water evaporation in the case of ventilated containers. Along the entire logistic chain − from factory, to transport, to end consumer − NOXy® should be handled in accordance with the prescribed rules so as to maintain its high quality intact. 


NOXy® should be stored in:
non-pressure tanks or containers of any size made from acid resistant steel,
cool, dry and well ventilated indoor spaces, at temperatures within the range from -11.5°C to 30°C.
The tanks should be protected against insolation and against cooling below -11.5°C, the temperature at which the product may crystallise. The recommended range of temperatures for storing NOXy® is from -5°C to +25°C. Storing NOXy® at temperatures above 25°C over prolonged periods may affect its durability, triggering spontaneous hydrolysis with continuous release of ammonia. 
NOXy® solidifies at temperatures below -5°C, expanding by about 7% relative to its liquid state, which may cause a sealed container to burst if filled to capacity. The quality of solidified NOXy® will not deteriorate if it is carefully heated at a temperature below 30°C. 
If these procedures are not observed, the product quality may be adversely affected. 
The main factor determining the durability of NOXy® is the ambient temperature at which the product is stored. 

Benefits of using NOXy®:

lower fuel consumption − by 3%-4% in the case of engines compliant with the EURO 4 standard, and 5% in the case of engines compliant with the EURO 5 standard,
environmental protection − by helping to meet the applicable standards prescribing harmful emission limits,
lower road tolls in EU member states (in Poland, the viaTOLL electronic road toll collection system was introduced in July 2011. By 2014, the system covered 2,880 km of roads. Lorries meeting stricter EURO standards are charged lower tolls per kilometre),
the same or longer inter-maintenance periods,
higher value of vehicles at the time of resale.

Top quality guaranteed
Having manufactured the 32.5% urea solution and supplied it directly to all market segments for several years now, we can guarantee prime quality of the product, timely deliveries and professional customer service to the highest standard. 

In order to ensure the highest product quality along the supply chain, we guarantee efficient logistics and strict compliance with the ISO 22241 standard, confirmed by quality certificates for every delivery. 

Thanks to the Group’s capacities, manufacturing experience and strong logistics, we can guarantee uninterrupted availability of the product, allowing us to meet the growing demand from both the Polish market and neighbouring countries. Along with NOXy®, Grupa Azoty and its authorised distributors provide customers with helpful information and expert technical support.

1 AdBlue® is a registered trademark of Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA)


Sales information: NOXy Sales Department

phone: +48 81 565 21 46, +48 81 565 31 81

fax: +48 81 565 32 97



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