PULNOx® Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY

PULNOx<sup>®</sup> Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY

Trade name: PULNOx®
Chemical name: 35%-45% urea solution 

Unit: Grupa Azoty PUAŁWY

Product description:

PULNOx® is a technically pure water solution of urea, with a 35%, 40% and 45% urea content. It is a transparent, colourless non-toxic and environmentally-friendly substance. 
Applications and use
PULNOx® is used as a reducing agent in vehicle emissions control technologies which convert nitric oxides (NOx) into harmless nitrogen and steam. It has also found broad applications in large power units which generate a number of harmful substances (such as NOx) during fossil fuel combustion.

Thanks to PULNOx®, power and heat producers can meet stringent EU standards on industrial emissions, reducing their output of nitric oxides, sulfur and particulate matter.

Packaging and transport:

PULNOx® is transported in:
road tankers,
1,000-litre IBC containers.

Containers used to transport, handle and store PULNOx® should be made from highly alloyed austenite Cr-NI steel, Cr-Ni-Mo steel or suitable plastics without any admixtures. Prior to loading, the containers should be scrubbed with demineralised water, unless they are used to transport one type of product only and have not come into contact with other substances which may act as contaminants. The product should be transported in insulated tanks or containers made of suitable materials. PULNOx® is not classified as dangerous and is not subject to RID or ADR regulations.


To prevent crystallisation or hydrolysis, PULNOx® should be stored under normal conditions, with the optimum temperature of up to 25°C. PULNOx® can be stored in non-pressure tanks of any size. PULNOx® tanks and containers should be tightly sealed and protected against spillage. The product should also be protected against strong insolation, and stored in cool, dry and well ventilated indoor spaces. 


Sales information: PULNOx Sales Department

phone: +48 81 565 21 46, +48 81 565 20 90

fax: +48 81 565 32 97



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