Trade name: Frakol
Chemical name: cyclohexane oxidation distillate
PKWiU classification:
CN classification: 3824 90 97
EKD classification: 2414

Unit: Grupa Azoty S.A.

Product description 

Frakol is a clear colourless or slightly yellowish liquid. It has a characteristic, narcotic smell. It is obtained as a result of modification of a by-product formed in the process of cyclohexane oxidation with air and separated at the stage of preliminary rectification of the oxidation product. This mixture is mainly composed of aliphatic alcohols C3-C5 (in it about 70 % of amyl alcohol) and contains a few percent of water. 

Application and use

Frakol is used as a solvent in the paints and lacquers industry, as an extraction agent in chemical processes and in the manufacturing of fuel additives.

Packing and transport

Frakol is delivered in steel truck cisterns. Each of these should fulfil requirements and be labelled according to hazardous materials transport regulations.

Frakol is a hazardous material according to ADR and RID regulations:
  • class: 3,
  • classification code: F1,
  • packing group: III,
  • hazard identification number: 30,
  • UN number: 1105.
Frakol must be transported by specially adapted means of transport according to hazardous materials transport regulations. Containers should be transported upright and protected from damage and displacement during transport.


The product must be stored in steel containers in safety conditions for flammable liquid materials storage.


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