Urea pure reagents

Urea pure reagents
Trade name: Urea pure reagents
Chemical name: Carbonic acid diamide, carbamic acid amide
PKWiU classification:
CN code: 31021010

Unit: Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A.

Product description

Urea pure is a white crystalline substance, odourless or with a faint ammonia odour. The product cakes easily. The product does not include an anti-caking agent, unless the contract with the client states otherwise. The product comes in the form of white crystals of long needles or thin prisms, easily soluble in water.

Applications and use

Urea pure is used in the production of synthetic glue and impregnation resins and in the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and as a chemical reagent.

Packing and transportation

Urea pure is transported in:
Polyethylene bags of 50 kg or 25 kg,
Other packages which fulfil quality requirements and safety in transport, storage and use. 

Products sent to domestic recipients should be marked on the external side of the packages with a permanent inscription or label stating at least the following information:
a) The name and address of the producer,
b) The trade name of the product according to section 1a,
c) Net mass,
d) Handling signs according to PN-EN ISO 780:2001 signs nos. 4,6,14, 
e) The date of production. 

Products exported should be packed and marked as agreed with the recipient.


Urea pure should be transported in individual packages with any means of transport with the storage conditions observed. The product should be protected against atmospheric effects and contamination. The means of transport should be clean, dry and leak-tight and in a condition which excludes damaging the packages with the product. Unit packages with the products should be placed in 10 horizontal layers at the most. The product is not hazardous pursuant to the RID / ADR regulations.


Urea pure, due to its hygroscopicity, should be stored in clean and dry storage buildings on the sub-floor isolating from moisture. The product should be protected against water, rainfall and direct sunlight. The packed product should be stored horizontally up to 10 layers.


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Sales information: Filip Konieczny

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