Cyclohexane oxidation products

Cyclohexane oxidation products
Cyclohexane oxidation products

Trade name: Cyclohexane oxidation products
Chemical name: Cyclohexane oxidation products – water extract
PKWiU number:
CAS number: 68915-38-8 
CN code: 3824 90 97

Unit: Grupa Azoty S.A.

Product description

The product is a mixture of organic acids and esters, obtained through a water extraction process of pressurized cyclohexane oxidation by-product with the aid of air oxygen.

Application and use

The substance is used as a semi-finished product in strictly controlled conditions.
Known uses for the substance include:
  • the manufacturing of machine coolant,
  • the manufacturing of a semi-finished product for polyurethane foam (POLIOL) production,,
  • manufacturing of corrosion inhibitors,
  • the manufacturing of carboxyl acid esters.

Packing and transport

The product is supplied in acid proof steel truck cisterns. The cisterns must have functioning temperature measurement systems, insulation and be equipped with a system for heating by warm water or high-pressure steam. The product should not be heated above +800C. Other types of consumer packaging carrying UN certification and coding are permitted upon agreement with the consumer.

The product is a hazardous material according to ADR and RID regulations. Classification:
  • RID/ADR (road and rail freight)
  • UN identification number: 3265,
  • class (acc. to RID/ADR): 8,
  • proper transport name: corrosive, liquid, acidic, organic, i.n.o (contains the following acids: adipic, butyric, valeric),
  • packing group: III,
  • classification code: C3,
  • hazard identification number: 80,
  • warning labels: nr 8,
  • tunnel transport restriction code: E,


Product unit containers should be stored in naturally ventilated storage areas between -150C and 800C. Larger storage tanks should be made of acid proof steel and placed within an acid tray.
Warehouse with natural ventilation (applies to building structure warehouse) and open air storage tanks with atmosphere venting placed within a chemical tray and equipped with systems for measuring liquid level and temperature inside the tank and indirect heating with external or internal coils. The product should not be heated above +800C. Avoid storing with strong oxidants and inorganic acids.


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