Polyethylene tubes

Polyethylene tubes
Polyethylene tubes

Trade name: Polyethylene (LDPE) tubes
Chemical name: low density polyethylene
PKWiU classification – 
PKWiU – 25.21.21-53.10 (for tax purposes)

Unit: Grupa Azoty S.A.

Product description

Low density polyethylene (LDPE) tubes are monolayer tubes manufactured using extrusion and vacuum calibration methods. They are characterized by low specific weight, high flexibility and elasticity, also at low temperatures.

Polyethylene tubes are produced in semitransparent natural colour and available in primary colours.
Both colourless and coloured polyethylene tubes contain a UV light absorber resulting in increased resistance to light exposure (as denoted by the code L following the colour code).

The main properties of polyethylene tubes include:

  • high chemical resistance to acids, salt solutions and alkali,
  • high chemical resistance to some organic substances, eg. ketones, esters and petroleum compounds,
  • low water absorbency.

Applications and use

Polyethylene tubes are used as pressure hoses for the transport of all types of substance through a wide range of viscosity and pressure. They can be used as compressed air lines in steering and pneumatic systems, as hoses in cooling devices and for the transport of fluids.

Packing and transport:

  • coils – tubes are formed into coils approx. 1m in diameter; the coils are wrapped in tape to protect against damage during transport and storage; maximum 2 sections of tubing per coil,
  • bundles – polyethylene tubes may be bundled when cut into sections approx. 4m in length and wrapped in plastic foil or cardboard boxes.
Other methods of packaging tube coils and bundles are available upon agreement between producer and customer.

Tubing coils and bundles may be stacked in loading units on pallets up to 1 m in height and wrapped in stretch foil.

Polyethylene tubes should be transported by covered means of transport according to rail and road freight regulations. Coils or bundles may be stacked during transport, or on pallets max. 1m in height. Stacking of pallets is not allowed. Transport conditions should prevent exposure to damage, moisture and pollution of the product.

Polyethylene tubes are not a hazardous product according to ADR, RID and IMDG regulations..


Polyethylene tubes should be stored in clean and dry rooms at room temperature, minimum 1m away from working heating appliances. Open air storage is also allowed if protected from direct exposure to the sun. Coils or bundles may be stacked during transport, or on pallets max. 1m in height. Stacking of pallets is not allowed.


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