Polyamide casings, food grade

Polyamide casings, food grade
Polyamide casings, food grade

Trade name: Polyamide Casings FOOD GRADE
Chemical name: polyamide 6
Classification – 
PKWiU – 25.22.14-70.19 (for tax purposes)

Unit: Grupa Azoty S.A.

Product description

FOOD GRADE polyamide casings are produced from polyamide 6. They are monolayer not oriented (not thermo shrinkable).

Food grade polyamide casings are available in the following colours: colourless, white, yellow, red, orange, beige, silver, gold, green, blue, brown, black, smoky (light brown and others), transparent, coloured. It is possible to produce casings in a colour agreed upon between the producer and the consumer. The casings can be filled manually or automatically.

The main characteristics of Food Grade polyamide casings include:

  • oxygen, air and aroma impermeability,
  • low permeability of water vapour,
  • good mechanical strength and thermal resistance.

Food Grade polyamide casing production conforms to HACCP food safety management system requirements according to ISO 22000:2005 standard, as well as quality management system requirements according to ISO 9001:2008 and the ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system. Food Grade polyamide casings are certified by PZH - the National Institute of Hygiene (NIH)

Applications and use

Food Grade polyamide casings are used as:
  • casings in the meat and fish industries for cold meats, raw meat, patés, pastes, giblets, fish products, etc. as well as other food products with low water content, eg. cheeses, jams, marmalades,
  • packaging in the medical industry, eg. packaging for surgical tools for sterilization (1250C sterilization temperature), in dental prosthetic manufacturing,
  • technical application packaging, eg. packaging for resins, glues, solid air fresheners, bitumen.

Packaging and transport

Casing rolls are packed in polyethylene bags. The pack contains between 1 and 4 casing rolls, depending on external diameter of the casing, padded for protection. Small calibre casings, ie. diameter up to and including 25 mm, are packed in sets of 10, padded for protection. Products packed in bags may be formed into loading units of 3-6 layers on pallets, wrapped in stretch foil.

Each roll contains 500 + 5 m or, upon agreement between producer and customer, 1000 + 10 m of polyamide casings, spooled onto cardboard or plastic sleeves measuring 76 mm (3 inches) in internal diameter. The casing ending is sealed by the producer and secured against unrolling with adhesive tape. Other forms of packaging are available upon agreement.

Casings should be transported by covered means of transport according to rail and road freight regulations. Polyamide casings should be transported in closed packages stacked in 3-6 layers, loose or on unstacked pallets wrapped in stretch foil. Transport conditions must prevent exposure to damage, moisture and pollution of the product.

Polyamide casings are not a hazardous product according to ADR, RID and IMDG regulations.


Polyamide casings should be stored in closed transport packaging, layered loosely or on pallets in 3-6 layers, in dry and clean rooms at room temperature, minimum 1 m away from working heating devices. Open air storage is also allowed if protected from direct exposure to the sun. Maximum pallet stacking: 2.

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