The Grupa Azoty Group’s Code of Ethical Conduct

The priority for the Grupa Azoty Group is to conduct its business in a responsible and reliable manner. Our ambition is to communicate our core values and standards of conduct openly and clearly.

In 2014, we adopted the Grupa Azoty Group's Code of Ethical Conduct, which will come into force on January 1st 2015. The document lays out the expected attitudes and practices, and describes the direction of the measures we are taking to foster good employee conduct and improve the way in which we build relations with our business environment.

The Code is addressed to all employees at the Grupa Azoty Group as well as our customers, trading partners, shareholders, and other stakeholders in the Grupa Azoty Group's business environment. Having set out the values and principles we have embraced in the Code, we believe that our trading partners will fully respect its content and spirit. The Grupa Azoty Group's Code of Ethical Conduct is available to all our stakeholders.

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