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Catalysts Business Unit at ‘Nitrogen&Syngas’ in London

For the sixth time, the Catalysts Business Unit of Grupa Azoty S.A. will take part as an exhibitor at the international ‘Nitrogen&Syngas’ conference, this year held from February 27th to March 2nd in London.
Participants of the ‘Nitrogen&Syngas’ conference include experts from the synthesis gas, ammonia, hydrogen and fertilizer production industries. The event is aimed to develop and foster best practice and innovation in global nitrogen industry. The conference programme features not only numerous technical lectures, but also a review of a wide range of the industry-related markets: from gas to fertilizers. For this reason, the event is growing in popularity among managers representing these industries. It attracts around seven hundred delegates from over fifty countries, including the countries of the Middle East, North Africa, Russia, and Asia − regions currently reporting the largest growth of production capacities in the global nitrogen industry. The participants include company representatives − existing and potential customers, users of the catalysts offered by the Catalysts Business Unit of Grupa Azoty S.A.

“The exhibition stand gives us the opportunity to present our offering to companies from around the world and to promote our logo to secure ourselves a permanent place among suppliers of catalysts, which are offered by only a few companies worldwide. Since our competitors are here, we also have to come. We are tasked with the ambitious goal of introducing into the market a larger number of iron-chromium catalysts produced at the recently commissioned plant. Catalysts from Poland’s Tarnów plant are as good as or better than those offered by global brands, and participation in such events as the ‘Nitrogen&Syngas’ conference helps us to attract new customers by sharing this message,” stresses Edyta Klempka, Catalyst Product Manager, Deputy Director of the Catalysts Business Unit.

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