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New laboratory from Grupa Azoty

Tuesday, February 28th 2016, saw an official handover of laboratory equipment to the Technical School Complex of Tarnów-Mościce. The event marked the end of the process of Grupa Azoty setting up a laboratory for the school, where chemical technology students will be improving their skills in order to join the Tarnów workforce of Grupa Azoty in the future.
The decision to set up the laboratory follows from the agreement concluded between the Technical School Complex and Grupa Azoty in 2013. “In 2014, under that agreement, we opened the faculty of chemical technology at the school,” says Krzysztof Kołaciński, Head of the Technical School Complex. “In order to ensure proper education for the students, we had to equip the laboratory with modern test and measurement devices. For two years, Grupa Azoty has been providing the equipment required to teach the students. Now we can boast the most advanced equipment in our chemical laboratory,” he adds.

The process of setting up the laboratory according to the requests made by the school regarding equipment procurement and delivery was managed by the Research Centre. “The devices we purchased are fully compatible with our company equipment. This means that, when employed, a graduate of the Technical School Complex will be competent and thoroughly prepared to work at Grupa Azoty right from the beginning,” said Krzysztof Grzeszczuk, Head of the Research Centre.

Chemical faculties are becoming increasingly popular because pursuant to the agreement Grupa Azoty employs to the best graduates of the school. “Since its establishment, the Technical School Complex has contributed generations of graduates to our company staff. “As far back as 85 years ago, when first occupational courses were held for workers in Mościce, and later on, as subsequent generations of technicians and future engineers were graduating, the school always provided excellent human resources for our Company. We hope that it will continue this way,” emphasised Józef Rojek, Vice President of the Grupa Azoty Management Board. “Although many of our employees are graduates of this school, our support is not merely sentimental − it is in our interest,” says Artur Kopeć, Member of the Grupa Azoty Management Board, who supervises cooperation with the school as part of his managerial duties. “The Company needs qualified personnel. After all, someone will have to replace us one day,” he adds.

“Our school is very grateful to Grupa Azoty for all the support it offers us, both material and professional. Teaching chemical subjects just cannot be done without it.” Testament to the level of education at the school is its high position in the rankings of Polish technical schools. Between 2014 and 2017, our school has been ranked among the 150 best out of the 1,800 technical schools in Poland,” commented Krzysztof Kołaciński, the Head Master.

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