Dialogue and Relationship Building

Good communications and a responsible attitude towards customers, employees, business partners and local communities are proof that Grupa Azoty cares about its surrounding environment. It builds its external relationships on the basis of trust and the principle of partnership.

Because  of the rapidly changing surroundings it finds itself in as well as the broad scope of its operations effective cooperation must be based on dialogue. Learning the expectations of stakeholders and pursuing a dialogue based on shared learning of needs and  an interchange of information  provide a source of new ideas and innovations, which in turn is translated into better business results.

Grupa Azoty's strategic objectives in terms of “dialogue and relationship building” are as follows:
  • Support the development of the local community, 
  • Adopt a formula of dialogue  with each and every key group of stakeholders, 
  • Build effective communication in the field of sustainable development, 
  • Build an ethical culture in Grupa Azoty .

The Companies in Grupa Azoty are making  a major contribution to the development of their local regions.  Their commitment to developing local communities is evident in their support for research, business, sports and cultural projects. Their commitment to developing local communities  is a consequence of current good working practices and a strategic approach. 

Grupa Azoty's involvement in a variety of areas, from art-cultural projects and sports initiatives to business projects, highlights its commitment and intention to reinforce its relationship with the residents of those regions where the units of the Group are located. 

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