Place of Employment

The most important capital of Grupa Azoty are its employees and their skills, commitment and knowledge. That is why one of the basic priorities of the Group in the “workplace” is to ensure them a safe and decent place to work.

Grupa Azoty strives to ensure balance between the private and professional lives of its employees and to ensure good relations based on mutual trust. 

The strategic objectives of Grupa Azoty in the “work place” area are as follows:
  • Improve employee satisfaction, 
  • Improve the safety and health of its employees, 
  • Initiate activities aimed at employee development.

Human capital is Grupa Azoty's most important resource. For this reason, it is continually improving and expanding its efforts aimed at supporting employee development.

All the processes  taking place in our companies are dependent on people. Hence, the human factor plays the main role in ensuring safety. In order to maintain the highest possible standards,  employees undergo compulsory training and regularly take examinations to verify their knowledge of HSE. Our companies employ various solutions aimed at ensuring the highest level of safety, in particular management systems and internal policies. Grupa Azoty cares for development of its staff by offering training opportunities and individual  supplementary education in university-level facilities.

Grupa Azoty is growing rapidly and in structural terms has changed dramatically in recent times. In such a fast-changing and growing consortium, employees face the challenge of finding themselves in new situations and undertaking new tasks and responsibilities. Grupa Azoty has undertaken various  steps aimed at creating a positive atmosphere and properly channelling the energy of its employees.

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