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Phospho-nitrogenous fertilizers


Complex fertilizer NP(S) 12-40-(12)
Trade name: POLIDAP® TYTAN
Name: Fertilizer NP(S) 12-40-(12)
CN: 3105 59 00

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Granular fertilizer, gray uniform granules, not permanently agglomerating Bulk density: 0.9-1.0 kg / dm3.POLIDAP® TYTAN contains 12% of nitrogen (N) in an ammonium form and 40% of phosphorus (P2O5) soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and water, which is easily absorbed in a form of mono- and diammonium phosphate and 30% of phosphorus soluble in water. POLIDAP® TYTAN contains 12% of sulphur trioxide (SO3) soluble in water, in a form of sulphate. 

Purpose and applicationSee more
This fertilizer can be used for all crops: winter and spring cereals, industrial crops and root crops, grassland and in the cultivation of vegetables and orchards. POLIDAP® TYTAN is recommended for use, first of all, in soils with low content of phosphorus.
The highest efficiency is obtained by using POLIDAP® TYTAN before sowing, by mixing it with soil to a depth of 10-20 cm. This fertilizer can also be used in early Spring, for winter crops. Permanent crops should be fertilised in Spring.
POLIDAP® TYTAN can be mixed directly before sowing with urea, ammonium nitrate and ammonium nitrate as well as anytime with potassium salt. 
The benefits of applicationSee more

Nitrogen in ammonium form is not leached from the soil and is slowly taken up by plants, it affects good rooting of plants, supports the absorption of phosphorus and reduces excess absorption of potassium. Phosphorus in a form of ammonium phosphate is the most absorbable form of this component, it is well absorbed even at water deficiency in the soil. Application of POLIDAP® TYTAN containing micronutrient - titanium (Ti) increases the activity of many vital processes of plants and therefore the efficiency of metabolism, in other words, the vitality of the plant. This fertilizer increases resistance of plants and reduces the effects of excessive doses of nitrogen as well as improves the quality of the yield.

Packaging and transportSee more
POLIDAP® TYTAN is packed:
•   per 50 kg ± 1% in polyethylene printed bags,
•    in flexible containers of 500 kg ± 1% or more, so-called big bags.
The fertilizer should be transported by means of transport protecting the product against water, rain, direct sunlight and damaging the packaging.
POLIDAP® TYTAN is not classified, which means it is not considered to be a hazardous material according to the UN Orange Book and international transport codes, e.g. RID (rail transport), ADR (road transport) and IMDG (sea transport).
In road transport with means of transport of the recipient or carrier acting according to the direct instructions of the recipient, the responsibility for any deterioration in the quality of the fertilizer are borne by the recipient or carrier.
StorageSee more
Printed polyethylene bags with a net content of  50 kg should be arranged in 10 layers at most. Flexible containers not exceeding mass of  500 kg can be stored in stacks of up to 3 layers, and over 500 kg - in stacks composed of two layers. In case of palletizing, unit loads with a height of up to 0.9 m are stacked in four layers, load units with a height from 0.9 to 1.8 m are arranged in stacks of less than 3.6 m.
The fertilizer should be stored in clean and dry storage buildings and protected against the influence of the weather conditions (sun, rain).
During transport, cargo handling and storage comply with the applicable regulations.
PrecautionsSee more
If irritation occurs, rinse the skin and eyes with plenty of water. It is recommended to use dust masks and protection goggles. In the case of accidental ingestion, seek medical advice. Non-toxic odourless non-flammable fertilizer
Service and consultancy
Taking care to ensure the highest standards of customer service, Grupa Azoty Zakłady Chemiczne "POLICE" S.A. offers, within the service, a professional advice and  information support for farmers and food producers.
The service includesSee more
• customer support in a form of technical knowledge, i.e. advice on fertilizer application,
• solving problems reported by the customer (dosage, chemical composition of fertilizers, effect on crops and elements of the natural environment),
• providing information on the location of distribution outlets in the map of the country,
• information about the current offer of fertilizers produced by Grupa Azoty Zakłady Chemiczne „POLICE” S.A.
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