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Sustainable Production

Sustainable production is one of three pillars of Grupa Azoty’s sustainable development . The fundamental principle is that the Group’s activities should be managed in a responsible and safe way. Grupa Azoty has adopted an open information policy in this respect and undertakes activities aimed at caring for the environment. 

Grupa Azoty’s strategic objectives in terms of “sustainable production”:

  • Minimising the environmental impact of the companies in the Group,
  • Developing cooperation with research units, 
  • Building ecological awareness,
  • Developing sustainable products, 
  • A continuing commitment within the “Odpowiedzialność i Troska” Programme, according to which companies in the chemical industry voluntarily undertake to manage their operations in such a way as to observe the principles of ecoethics, improve working conditions, ensure safer functioning of their installations and maintain continuous contact with their surroundings.

Achieving these objectives is possible thanks to the good working practices applied by the companies in Grupa Azoty and through the implementation of internal regulations based on the highest standards. The safety and high quality of the products offered by Grupa Azoty are ensured throughout their life cycle. The highest world standards and restrictive regulations that Grupa Azoty observes together with its system-based solutions allows it to minimise the risk related to the nature of its operations. 
Using modern solutions and obtaining its own patents is helping improve safety and, at the same time, build a competitive edge. The companies in Grupa Azoty initiate and actively participate in innovative research programmes conducted by leading national research institutions.
Grupa Azoty has its own research resource base and cooperates with external research units and academic centres both in the country and abroad, thanks to which it has little difficulty in improving its technologies and, as a result, enhancing the quality of its products and services. 
Ensuring continuity of scientific research conducted at the highest possible level is of key importance for Grupa Azoty . The companies of the Azoty Tarnow Capital Group have signed a letter of intent with the city of Tarnów and Małopolskie voivodship  with regard to taking steps to establish a research and implementation unit called “The Chemical Centre of Technology and Development.” The chief objective of the initiative is to find, organise, conduct and implement the latest and most effective innovative solutions based on sustainable development and patenting them (in order to build a competitive edge and increase innovativeness). Another purpose of the Centre will be to support innovative entrepreneurship, actively participate in a policy of regional development and mobilise the labour market. The result of implementing the above project will be to establish an institution of supra-regional reach which will ensure closer co-operation between industry, science and the public administration.

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