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Corporate Governance Strategy

Grupa Azoty will apply the highest standards of capital market communication and corporate governance principles in all its operations, in accordance with the guidelines laid out in the “Code of Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies”.

Corporate Governance
In keeping with Group policy regarding market communication and providing information about the principles of management and oversight while ensuring their transparency, the Group plans to continue its participation in programs which safeguard the equal rights of shareholders, in particular minority shareholders. The main objectives of taking part in the above programs will include establishing and promoting the highest standards of communication between companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange regulated market and investors, as well as developing the best practical solutions for investor relations, encompassing contacts between such companies and individual investors. The Group will endeavour to maintain its place among companies managed in a responsible and sustainable manner, which actively pursue a strategy of corporate social responsibility.

Image and Brand
The strategic aims with regard to Grupa Azoty’s image, include attaining an increase in brand value as the largest chemical group in Poland, as well as increasing recognition and acknowledgement on domestic and international markets. These aims will be implemented based on:

  • integration of companies's product brands with the Group brand, which will lead to maximised product range awareness and recognition,
  • key Group values,
  • modernisation, development,
  • partnership and cooperation,
  • operations on an international scale,
  • high product quality,
  • social responsibility and care for the environment.

Social responsibility
Grupa Azoty implements a strategy of sustainable development and social responsibility based on a model solution adopted by the Parent Entity, the “Azoty Tarnów Sustainable Development Strategy”. This strategy is a reflection of an integrated approach to actions taken with regard to economic efficiency, responsibility towards employees and the environment, and environmental relations. The strategy will be based on three pillars:

  1. sustainable production (minimised environmental impact by Group companies, development of cooperation with academic institutions, fostering ecological awareness, manufacturing of sustainable products, continuing engagement in the Responsible Care program – a voluntary commitment by chemical sector companies to conduct operations in compliance with bioethics standards, improve work conditions, increase safety of installations functioning and maintain ongoing contact with surroundings),
  2. the workplace (increased employee satisfaction, improved occupational health and safety, launching employee development initiatives),
  3. dialogue and relation building (supporting the development of local communities, adopting a formula for dialogue with each of the key stakeholder groups, building effective communication regarding sustainable development, developing an ethical Group culture).

Management model
The key premise of the adopted management model is increased Group value through operating “as one company”. 
In order to ensure consistent value growth for shareholders and other stakeholders, Grupa Azoty will develop its value management model, facilitating the implementation of Group strategy by management. The Group’s management model entails the centralization of areaswhich provide the highest synergy effects and managing main economic processes at Group level, while maintaining recognition of Grupa Azoty’s business companies. Group management authority will be allocated to corporate departments, reporting to Grupa Azoty Management.To ensure effectiveness of the model, management systems based on international ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14001:2004; PN-N 18001:2004, BS OH SAS 18001:2007; and HACCPstandards will be applied, along with IT activities resulting in:

  • transparency of business processes,
  • integrated management of all elements of the value chain,
  • data reliability, comparability and integrity,
  • speedy analysis, reliability and ease of report generation,
  • dedicated availability of management information,
  • progressive automation of data processing and distribution,
  • high degree of IT infrastructure reliability, stability, speed and flexibility,
  • coherent information security system, building trust in the organization and its effective functioning on the market.

Human Resources Management
The main objective of the Grupa Azotyl Group Human Resources Management Strategy is treating employees as the company’s most important capital. The key goals of the Group’s personnel policy are:

  • hiring the best employees,
  • building an organizational culture which will aim to constantly raise productivity and employees’ creativity, 
  • maximum use of employees’ knowledge, competencies and skills.
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