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Nitrogenous fertilizers


Liquid fertilizer
EC FERTILIZER, also has certificates: for "safety mark B" and Kashrut (Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A.)
Trade name: Urea-Ammonium Nitrate solution, UAN (RSM)
Chemical name: mixture of ammonium nitrate solution and urea solution
CN: 31 02 80 00

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UAN (RSM®) is a highly concentrated nitrogen fertilizer in the form of an aqueous urea nitrate solution. Contains environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitor. The solution is produced in three types (28% N, 30% N, 32% N) adapted to different transport and storage temperatures.  
We guarantee the highest quality  UAN (RSM®) produced by Grupa Azoty is a high quality product. It fully meets the technical requirements of Annex I to Regulation (EC) No 2003/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 September 2003 on fertilizers. UAN (RSM®) 32% N has a Certificate of Conformity (EC FERTILIZER) issued by the Polish Center for Testing and Certification S.A. and the "Q" quality mark (except for Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A.).”

Intended use and applicationSee more

UAN (RSM®) can be used on all types of soil, fertilizing cereals, oilseed rape, beets, potatoes, corn, grassland as well as vegetable and orchard crops.
• Use coarse spray technique or spreading technique.
• It is recommended to spray on healthy and dry plants.
• Do not use immediately after rain or in hot weather.

AdvantagesSee more
  • Contains all available forms of nitrogen (nitric, ammoniacal, ureic) in favorable proportions,
  • Provides plants with a constant supply of nitrogen during the growing season,
  • Shows fast and long-lasting action,
  • Used for pre-sowing and top dressing,
  • Liquid form accelerates the absorption of nitrogen by plants,
  • Spraying or spreading the fertilizer allows even distribution of the fertilizer,
  • Shows high efficiency of the fertilizer during periods of drought,
  • The customarily lower price of the pure ingredient (N) compared to solid fertilizers.
Packaging and transportSee more

UAN (RSM®) is packed into:
• tanks or tank trucks,
• plastic containers,
• other packaging (after agreement with the recipient).

UAN (RSM®) in labeled 1000 l containers is available in the authorized distribution network of Grupa Azoty. During transport, protect the product against cooling below crystallization temperature. UAN (RSM®) is not subject to the regulations on the transport of dangerous goods RID / ADR / IMDG.

StorageSee more

Store UAN (RSM®) in closed vented containers at a temperature above the crystallization temperature. Tanks should be made of corrosion resistant materials. Non-ferrous metals and their alloys are not allowed. Top up the water in the solution, which may evaporate during prolonged storage. Details on using, protecting and storing the product can be found on the packaging label or accompanying documents.

PrecautionsSee more

Under normal storage and handling conditions, the mixture is stable and the ingredients are not volatile. Avoid breathing vapors and contamination of skin and eyes, observe health and safety rules (wear suitable gloves). Protect against high temperature.

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