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Octyl alcohol F

Trade name: Octyl alcohol F
Chemical name: By-products from distillation residues from production of 2-ethylhexan-1-ol
CN: 3824 99 92

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Liquid of varied colours from yellow to yellow-brown to greenish, with characteristic odour.

SpecificationSee more
2-ethylhexanol <30 [%]
High-molecular compounds (>C8) >70 [%]
Intended use and applicationSee more
Octyl alcohol F is used as: 
  • auxiliary agent in the textile industry,
  • release agent,
  • coal flotation agent: mixture,
  • raw material for production of inhibitor improving the process of solid fuel combustion,
  • component of antifoaming and froth breaking mixtures for water systems.
Identified use (REACH):
  • antifoaming and froth breaking mixtures for water systems,
  • flotation agent (industrial applications),
  • the manufacturing process (industrial applications).
Packaging and transportSee more
Octyl alcohol F is loaded into steel railway tanks, containers tanks, car tanks or unit packages of the recipient in which it is also transported.
Octyl alcohol F must not be transported with strong oxidants and acids.
Octyl alcohol F is not hazardous product pursuant to the RID and ADR regulations.
StorageSee more
Requirements for warehouse structures:
  • Local exhaust ventilation  removing vapours from the places of their emission, and general ventilation, 
  • Protection against static electricity: discharge may cause ignition of organic vapours,
  • A sprinkler system to cool down tanks / containers with sprayed streams of water in case of fire, 
  • Impermeable floor  allowing collection of leaks and preventing their penetration into the sewerage system,
  • The electric, lighting and ventilation installations made in the EX standard,
  • The room should be cool and dry.
Storage conditions:
  • Store away from sources of ignition: smoking forbidden,
  • Store containers tightly closed in a cool, well-ventilated place, 
  • Store and open containers carefully, 
  • Containers and tanks must be properly marked,
  • Tanks and containers must be made of materials resistant to Octyl alcohol F,
Other commentsSee more

Incompatible substances: strong oxidising agents,  acids.

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