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Liquified carbon dioxide – ONECON

The product is obtained through compressing, purifying and liquefying gaseous carbon dioxide, which is a by-product of methane combustion. It is a colourless, non-flammable liquid.

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Grupa Azoty S.A. (Tarnów)

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Thanks to the superior quality of our product as well as reliable logistics relying on dedicated road tankers, we are among the top suppliers of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Carbon dioxide from Puławy is used in the food industry, as the FSSC system we have put in place ensures that its production and handling meet the highest quality standards required by that demanding sector.

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Refrigerated liquefied carbon dioxide is transported as a bulk liquid in:

  • road tankers,
  • rail tank cars.

Liquefied carbon dioxide can be filled into the following types of packaging:

  • steel bottles of various capacities (from 2 kg to 30 kg),
  • other containers certified for use by competent technical inspection authorities.

Refrigerated liquefied carbon dioxide is a dangerous material as per the RID/ADR regulations, classified under UN 2187.

Liquefied carbon dioxide is also a dangerous material as per the RID/ADR regulations, classified under UN 1013.

It must be transported in conditions compliant with the RID/ADR specifications.

However, when transported in packages where the net weight per transport unit (lorry with trailer) does not exceed 1,000 kg, carbon dioxide can benefit, on a voluntary basis, from regulation of RID/ADR, providing for partial exemption from the RID/ADR requirements.

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Liquefied carbon dioxide should be stored in insulated pressure tanks.

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Liquefied carbon dioxide is commonly used in the food industry to make fizzy drinks and freeze foodstuffs, and in the brewing industry. There are other possible applications - for instance, carbon dioxide or its mixtures can be used as shielding gases in welding, for fire extinguishing purposes, to nourish greenhouse plants, for supercritical extraction, in metallurgy and to produce plastics with the blowing technique.

We also offer carbon dioxide in the form of solid.

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