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Trade name: Cyclohexanol
Chemical name: Cyclohexanol
PKWiU classification:
CN classification: 2906 12 00 00
EKD classification: 2414

Cyclohexanol is a clear liquid or solid substance – solidification point of pure cyclohexanol 25oC. It is obtained through cyclohexane oxidation. Cyclohexanol is moderately water soluble (9% m/m at 20oC) and has unlimited solubility in: ethyl alcohol, ethyl ether, toluene, petroleum ether, ethyl acetate, oils, benzene and other aromatic hydrocarbons.

Application and useSee more
Owing to the fact that cyclohexanol was registered in the REACH system as a so-called "transported semi-finished product". it may only be used as a raw material or semi-finished product in chemical reactions in strictly controlled conditions.
Cyclohexanol is used as a selective solvent for paints and varnishes, extraction agent, chemical analysis, for the production of cyclohexanone and further caprolactam, in manufacturing dyes and the pharmaceutical industry, in the production of soap and detergents, for degreasing skins.
Packing and transportSee more
Cyclohexanol must be delivered in steel rail or truck cisterns. All transport containers should possess rubber seals resistant to cyclohexanol, preventing fumes or liquid from escaping in the event of the container overturning due to external forces. Other types of packaging may be used upon agreement between producer and consumer,l provided they secure the product as well as those mentioned above.
Packed and labelled cyclohexanol should be transported according to rail and road freight regulations. Transported containers should be placed in an upright position, securing them against displacement and damage during transport.
The product possesses classification certificate nr 017/IPO/2004 according to RID and ADR regulations. 
Cyclohexanol is not a hazardous product according to ADR and RID regulations.  
StorageSee more

Technical cyclohexanol must be stored in containers mentioned above or specially adapted storage tanks in mechanically ventilated, fireproof rooms equipped with indirect heating devices (due to the high solidification temperature: 25oC). Nitrogen inerting, vent valves and appropriate measuring equipment are required. Storage of cyclohexanol together with materials in the same hazard class is permissible.

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