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Trade name: Isobutanol
Chemical name: 2-Methylpropan-1-ol, Isobutanol
CN: 2905 14 90

Grupa Azoty Kędzierzyn

Colourless, transparent liquid with characteristic odour. 

SpecificationSee more
Isobutanol >99.8 [%]
Water <0.10 [%]
Aldehydes expressed as butanal <0.05 [%]
Acids expressed as acetic acid <0.003 [%]
Colour <5 [Pt-Co]
Density 0.802 - 0.804 [g/cm3]
Intended use and applicationSee more
For production of:  esters (solvents and odorants), paints and lacquers (solvent, agent preventing blushing, improving fluidity and reducing viscosity of water-based paints), additives for plastics (plasticizers), melamine and carbamide resins (as solvent or butyling agent), auxiliary agents for agriculture (butylamines), flotation agents, ethers of ethylene and propylene glycols.
It is also used as: solvent (textile industry and production of paints and lacquers), extraction agent in production of medicines, component of anti-icing mixtures and anti-corrosion additives.
Pursuant to the REACH Ordinance, any product may be used in accordance with scenarios of exposure for identified applications:
  • production,
  • use as a semi-finished product,
  • preparation and (re-) packing substances and mixtures,
  • distribution of substances,
  • use in coatings (paints, inks, toners, adhesives),
  • use in cleaning agents,
  • use in lubricants,
  • fluids for treatment of metals / rolling mill oils,
  • use in laboratories,
  • use as a consumer product for daily care or disinfection.
Packaging and transportSee more

Isobutanol is loaded into steel railway tanks, tank containers or car tanks, which are also used for transport.
Isobutanol must not be transported along with strong oxidants or acids.
Isobutanol is hazardous product pursuant to the RID/ADR regulations.

StorageSee more
Requirements for warehouse structures:
  • Local exhaust ventilation  removing vapours from the places of their emission, and general ventilation,
  • Protection against static electricity: discharge may cause ignition of organic vapours, 
  • A sprinkler system  to cool down tanks / containers with sprayed streams of water in case of fire,
  • Impermeable floor  allowing collection of leaks and preventing their penetration into the sewerage system,
  • The electric, lighting and ventilation installations made in the EX standard,
  • The room should be cool and dry.
Storage conditions:
  • Store away from sources of ignition: smoking forbidden,
  • Store containers tightly closed in a cool, well-ventilated place,
  • Store and open containers carefully,
  • Containers and tanks must be properly marked,
  • Tanks and containers must be made of materials resistant to N-butanol,
  • Portable fire extinguishing equipment should be available in the room.
Other commentsSee more

Incompatible substances: strong oxidising agents.

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