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Tarnamid® (PA6)

Tarnamid® (PA6) is a high quality thermoplastic engineering plastic in the form of granulate for injection moulding and extrusion made by polycondensation of ε-caprolactam

Tarnamid® (PA6) reinforced and hybrid grades

Trade name: Tarnamid® (PA6) reinforced and hybrid grades
Chemical name: polyamide 6/PA6
Common name: polyamide 6/PA6
Classification: EKD – 24.16.Z
PKWiU – 24.16.54-50.00

Tarnamid® - Grades with glass balls
T-27 GB30Reinforced with glass balls characterized by high rigidity, strength and dimensional stability, used in sliding elements, eg. ball bearing casings, available colourless or in primary colours.
T-27 GF10 GB20,T-27 GF20 GB10Grades containing configuration of fillers: fibreglass with glass balls of high rigidity and dimensional stability. Used in the manufacturing of household appliances, electrical engineering as casings and boxes, available colourless or in primary colours.

Tarnamid® – Hybrid varieties
T-27 GF15 MW25Grade containing 15% fibreglass and 25% mineral. 
T-27 GF10 MT20Grade containing 10% fibreglass and 20% mineral.

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