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Trade name: LIKAM®
Chemical name: 25% ammonia water

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LIKAM® is a water solution of ammonia, with a 24% ammonia (NH3) content. The product is a colourless liquid with a characteristic pungent smell, obtained through absorption of ammonia in demineralised water. While ammonia water is non-flammable, it releases ammonia vapour, which may pose fire and explosion hazards.

ApplicationsSee more
  • power generation – to reduce flue gas emissions,
  • tanning – to manufacture gelatine,
  • agriculture – as a nitrogen fertilizer,
  • rubber industry,
  • dye industry,
  • organic industry,
  • glass industry,
  • pH control agent.
Packaging and transportSee more

LIKAM® is packed in:

  • rail tank cars and road tankers,
  • IBC plastic containers.

Pursuant to the RID/ADR regulations, LIKAM® (water-based ammonia solution) is a dangerous good with an UN No. 2672. Consequently, ammonia water must be transported in accordance with the RID/ADR guidelines and regulations on transport of dangerous goods. While in transit, vehicles carrying ammonia water must be marked as required by the applicable regulations on transport of dangerous goods.

StorageSee more

Large volumes are stored in pressurised and non-pressure tanks. Ammonia water tanks should be stored in unheated indoor space with adequate artificial or gravity ventilation and an explosion-proof electrical installation. Storing ammonia water with other products is allowed only in the case of inert gases. 

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