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Hydrogen peroxide - H2O2
Hydrogen peroxide - H2O2

Hydrogen peroxide is an inorganic chemical of the peroxide class (reactive form of oxygen), which is sold as stabilised 35%, 49.5%, 50% and 60% water solutions.

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Hydrogen peroxide is a transparent, colourless and odour free liquid. At Zakłady Azotowe PUŁAWY, it is obtained by means of the anthraquinone process, and then concentrated by distillation. It is soluble in water in any proportion. Hydrogen peroxide is easily decomposable under the influence of a variety of factors, including all sorts of contaminants and increased temperature, and therefore it requires special care during storage and other operations.

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Drawing on more than a dozen years of production and marketing experience and using our dedicated fleet of road and rail tankers, thanks to which our deliveries are always executed to perfection, we enjoy excellent business relations with flagship companies representing nearly all industries which consume hydrogen peroxide.

We are the only producer of hydrogen peroxide in Eastern Europe. The nearest competitive facilities are located approximately 650 kilometres from Puławy, which – due to the considerable cost of logistics – gives us an advantage in the region.

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Hydrogen peroxide is packaged in:

  • rail tank cars with capacities of 25 or 50 tonnes,
  • road tankers with capacities of approx. 25 tonnes,
  • containers for rail or road transport with capacities of approx. 20 tonnes,
  • 1,000-litre large bulk containers,
  • customer packaging.

Hydrogen peroxide is a dangerous material as per the RID/ADR regulations, classified under UN 2014. Hydrogen peroxide in the form of stabilised water solutions must be transported in conditions compliant with the RID/ADR specifications.

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Hydrogen peroxide should be stored in roofed indoor areas adequately protected against fire, where it can be kept cool and protected against sunlight. It can also be stored in properly de-aired storage and distribution tanks, equipped with filling and emptying facilities. The tanks should be labelled with the product’s name. The following construction materials are permitted: 316 L, 304 acid resistant steel and high density polyethylene (HDPE).

The storage and distribution tanks must be properly cleaned and passivised before they are filled for the first time. During storage, hydrogen peroxide solutions must be protected against all contamination.

Contact us for detailed information on how to transport, store and use hydrogen peroxide.  

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• paper and pulp industry,
• textile industry,
• home care products,
• cosmetic products,
• food and pharmaceutical industry,
• environment protection,
• special applications (a raw material from which a number of organic peroxides can be obtained, applied in uranium ore, gold and crude oil production, in the semi-conductor sector and military technologies).

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