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Uncoated urea

CN: 3102 10

Grupa Azoty Police

Appearance: uniform granulesColour:whiteBulk density (kg/dm3): 0,70-,078Granulation: 1-3 mm – at least 90% (m/m)Features: hygroscopic, easily soluble in water, alcohols and liquid ammonia

Quality parametersSee more
Contents of nitrogen (%): min. 46.0
Alkalinity: max. 0.6% as NH3
Biuret (%) : max. 0.8
Formaldehyde (mg/kg): max. 15
Phosphates: max. 1.5 mg/kg (PO4
Calcium (mg/kg): max. 1.5
Iron (mg/kg): max. 1.5
Copper (mg/kg): max. 0.6
Zinc (mg/kg): max. 0.6
Chromium (mg/kg): max. 0.6
Nickel (mg/kg): max. 0.6
Aluminium (mg/kg): max. 1.5
Magnesium (mg/kg): max. 1.5
Sodium (mg/kg): max. 1.5
Potassium (mg/kg): max. 1.5
ApplicationSee more

In the production of high-purity urea solution (e.g. Distarpol).

Packing, storage and transportationSee more
The product is packaged into big-bags of 1000 kg (±1% tolerance).
Store in conditions preventing moisture, away from sources of heat and fire. The storage rooms should be well ventilated.
Truck transport: the product is not classified as a hazardous substance according to the UN Orange Book and the international transport code such as ADR, road transport.
The properly stored product in original intact packages maintains quality parameters for a period of 6 months from the date of production.
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