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Sulphur fertilizers

Siarkowit® S90B

Product type: mineral fertiliser
Authorisation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development: Decision no. 788/23
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Grupa Azoty Siarkopol

Siarkowit® S90B is a specialised fertiliser containing elemental sulphur. The bentonite present in the fertiliser swells on contact with water, causing the sulphur to be activated. Application of the fertiliser results in an increase in yields through better nitrogen utilisation as well as an improvement in their quality. Vegetables supplied with sulphur fertiliser are characterised by better taste qualities. The sulphur present in the fertiliser, reduces the accumulation of nitrates and heavy metals in the plants. Crops supplied with Siarkowit®S90B, benefit from increased tolerance to stressful environmental conditions: excessively low or high temperatures, water shortages.

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