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Technical sulphuric acid

CN:2807 00

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Technical sulphuric acid is a colourless liquid with no smell. It violently dissolves in water releasing large amounts of heat. Sulphuric acid has so high affinity to water, that is a good dehydrating agent. Sulphuric acid is produced through a contact process by sulphur dioxide oxidation in air in the presence of vanadium catalyst to sulphur trioxide through its absorption in water or diluted sulphuric acid. Sulphuric acid is a highly caustic liquid causing dangerous and difficult to heal burns.

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Used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics and agricultural industries. Used in the production of inorganic and organic chemical compounds including fertilizers; catalytic processes; pH adjustment; as a dehydrating agent; in mineral and ore extraction and processing; surface etching and cleaning; electrolytic processes; gas production and absorption processes; production cells containing sulphuric acid; as a chemical reagent; for industrial cleaning.

Packing and transportSee more
Technical sulphuric acid Kt I is delivered in rail cisterns labelled according to RID regulations or by road transport, in containers approved for sulphuric acid according to ADR regulations, consumer's containers U/N approved and coded for acid transport.
Sulphuric acid Kt I should be transported by rail cisterns or road transport in containers approved for sulphuric acid transport, permanently secured against displacement during transport, according to hazardous materials transport regulations. Transport means must be labelled and approved for hazardous materials transport.
The product is a hazardous material according to ADR and RID regulations.
  • class: 8, classification code: C1, packing group: II,
  • hazard identification number: 80,
  • UN nr: 1830.
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Technical sulphuric acid Kt I should be stored in tanks or cisterns or specially adapted containers, in conditions which protect the product from freezing. Storage room temperature should be above 50C.

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