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Inorganic chemicals

Sodium nitrate water solution

Trade name: Sodium nitrate water solution
Chemical name: Sodium nitrate water solution
Chemical formula: NaNO3
PKWiU classification:

Sodium nitrate water solution is an odour-free greenish-yellow liquid of approximately 1.4 kg/dm3 viscosity. Main ingredient content is 38-43%.

Application and useSee more

Sodium nitrate water solution is used in the manufacturing of saltpetre, liquid fertilizers, as a concrete additive and in the manufacturing of other chemicals.

Packing and transportSee more
The product is sold in bulk i truck cisterns.
Sodium nitrate water solution is not classified, i.e. it is not considered a hazardous material according to the UN Orange Book and international transport codes, for example RID (railway transport), ADR (road transport) and IMDG (sea transport).
StorageSee more

Sodium nitrate water solution must be stored in tightly sealed steel or plastic containers in dry areas equipped with functioning ventilation. It is forbidden to store sodium nitrate with flammable substances, acids, nitrate salts and reducing agents, eg. aluminium, aluminium oxide or acetic anhydride.

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