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Trade name: Technical cyclohexanone
Chemical name: Cyclohexanone
PKWiU classification:
CN classification: 2914 22 00 00
EKD classification: 2414

Clear, colourless liquid with potential light yellow colour. Obtained through the process of selective phenol hydrogenation or cyclohexane oxidation. Cyclohexanone is slightly water soluble (3,75% m/m at 25oC) and has unlimited solubility in most organic solvents.

Application and useSee more

Used primarily for the production of caprolactam and adipic acid. Additionally, it is used in the paint, varnishes, solvents, dyes, printing paste, glue, hardener and pesticide industries.  It is also used as a laboratory reagent.

Packing and transportSee more
Technical cyclohexanone is packed in:
200 dm3 or 1000 dm3 tanks with UN certification and symbol,
in steel rail or truck cisterns.
All transport containers should possess rubber seals resistant to cyclohexanone, preventing fumes or liquid from escaping in the event of the container overturning due to external forces. Other types of packaging may be used upon agreement between producer and consumer, provided they secure the product as well as those mentioned above and carry the UN certification and symbol.
Cyclohexanone is a hazardous material according to ADR and RID regulations:
  • class: 3,
  • classification code: F1,
  • packing group: III,
  • hazard identification number: 30,
  • UN number: 1915.
Cyclohexanone must be transported by specially adapted means of transport, according to hazardous materials transport regulations. Transported containers should be placed in an upright position, securing them against displacement and damage during transport.
StorageSee more

Technical cyclohexanone should be stored in containers described above or in steel storage containers, in mechanically ventilated fireproof rooms with anti-explosive electrical installation and electro-conductive flooring, unheated at temperatures below 30oC. Nitrogen inerting of containers is required.

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