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Inorganic chemicals

Liquid ammonia

Trade name: Liquid ammonia
Chemical name: Anhydrous ammonia
Chemical formula: NH3
PKWiU classification: 24.15.10-75.20

Liquid ammonia is a colourless liquid with a characteristic sharp smell. Ammonia is a toxic substance. It is harmful if inhaled, swallowed or in case of contact with skin or mucous membranes. It dissolves well in water and generates explosive mixtures with oxygen, air, chlorine, bromine, iodine, nitric acid and chloric acid. Ammonia attacks copper, zinc, tin and their alloys, especially in the presence of moisture. In its liquid state it evaporates in the atmosphere. 

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Ammonia is a basic raw material used in the chemical industry for the production of fertilizers, nitric acid, synthetic resins, artificial fibres, hydrazine, amines, urea and other substances, cooling agent and metallurgy.

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Ammonia is transported by rail and truck cisterns adapted for liquid ammonia transport with valid UDT certification.
Ammonia is a hazardous material according to ADR and RID regulations: 
proper transport name: Anhydrous ammonia,
UN identification number: 1005,
  • class: 2,
  • Classification code: 2TC,
  • hazard ID number: 268,
  • packing group: none
  • warning labels: nr. 2.3 and 8.
  • Vehicles should be labelled according to RID and ADR regulations.
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Ammonia should be stored in pressurized or non-pressurized containers with appropriate safety features and approved for use by UDT. Ammonia should be stored in open air or a separate area for toxic gases with functioning mechanical ventilation and non-explosive lighting. It may not be stored with any other class of materials apart from inert gases.

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