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PULAN® is a nitrogen fertiliser coming in the form of off-white granules. The product is highly hygroscopic (readily absorbing moisture) and easily soluble in water, showing strong chemical reactivity. The fertiliser has been enhanced to include magnesium, an element supporting plant growth.

Content of total nitrogen(N): 34,4%
Content of nitric nitrogen: roughly 17,2%
Content of ammonia nitrogen: roughly 17,2%
Grain size distribution: 1-4 mm, min. 95% below 0.5 mm, max. 3%

Advantages of the productSee more
  • Poland’s most popular single-nutrient (straight) nitrogen fertiliser.
  • The highest nitrogen content among all ammonium nitrate fertilisers.
  • Universal fertiliser used for all crops and soil types, in both presowing and top dressing treatment.
  • It includes two effective forms of nitrogen: instant-release nitric nitrogen and slow-release ammonia nitrogen. It permeates the soil very quickly when used as top dressing.
  • In addition, it contains magnesium.
  • It is fully protected against lumping, which ensures its flowability.
  • The uniform granulation of the fertiliser enables its even application on a field up to 33 m.
  • Compared with other ammonium nitrate fertilisers, the degree of dusting during PULAN® application is markedly lower.
How to use the product?See more


  • The fertiliser is designed for use in presowing and top dressing treatment of all soil types, for all field crops, amenity grasslands, vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, fruit shrubs and lawns.
  • It should be mixed with soil to avoid nitrogen losses.
  • Before sowing, the PULAN® ammonium nitrate can be blended with granulated superphosphate, ammonium phosphate and most macronutrient fertilisers.
  • It should not be applied at the same time as calcium fertilisers.


How to transport the product?See more

PULAN® is packaged in containers designed to protect it against moisture:

  • weld-sealed polyethylene bags 30 kg on pallets,
  • 600 kg big-bag elastic containers.

It should only be transported in original, properly labelled and tightly sealed packaging. According to transport classification ADR/RID/IMDG PULAN® 34,4N belongs to class 5.1 of dangerous goods. UN No. 2067.

How to store the product?See more

It should be stored in clean, dry and ventilated warehouses, in stacks comprising no more than 12 layers (bags up to 50 kg); or in the case of big bags up to 600 kg – 2 layers. It should not be stored under open-sided shelters and in open space.  

The PULAN® ammonium nitrate should be protected against:

  • water and precipitation,
  • mechanical damage to packaging,
  • heating over 30°C.

For information on how to use, secure and store the product, see label on packaging. 

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