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Grupa Azoty Police and West Pomeranian University of Technology launch Hydrogen Academy in Szczecin as part of the West Pomeranian Hydrogen Valley
Grupa Azoty Police and West Pomeranian University of Technology launch Hydrogen Academy in Szczecin as part of the West Pomeranian Hydrogen Valley

Grupa Azoty Police and West Pomeranian University of Technology (ZUT) have concluded an agreement to create and operate the Hydrogen Academy. Launched within the West Pomeranian Hydrogen Valley established in November 2022, the academy is now officially in operation. Applications for the inaugural edition of the programme opened on March 7th.

The Hydrogen Academy will feature a team of highly qualified specialists and experts in hydrogen technologies, as well as scientific staff from ZUT. The academy will offer a comprehensive curriculum of lectures, laboratory sessions, and workshops to students and doctoral candidates at ZUT. The program will run from May to July and take place on weekends at university buildings and partner premises. The best students will have the opportunity to test their innovative hydrogen projects, developed during the classes of the Academy, in the research and development units of Grupa Azoty. To be eligible for an internship at Grupa Azoty, a certificate of completion of the Academy classes must be obtained.

"When we launched the West Pomeranian Hydrogen Valley in November 2019, we expressed our commitment to specific objectives for this initiative. In particular, we emphasised the need to bolster cooperation between businesses and the education, science, and academia in hydrogen technologies. Today, Grupa Azoty and West Pomeranian University of Technology are launching the Hydrogen Academy in Szczecin to work collaboratively in order to build competencies and professionalise personnel in this emergent sector of the European economy,” said Tomasz Hinc, CEO of Grupa Azoty S.A.

"The potential of Grupa Azoty, leveraging its modern technologies, in conjunction with ZUT's scientific accomplishments and the diverse expertise of the other members of the West Pomeranian Hydrogen Valley, guarantee the success of this crucial mission to construct and grow the hydrogen economy in our province. To make this possible, we need highly skilled personnel specialised in cutting-edge hydrogen technologies, who will be able to apply them in practice. I am delighted that, in the two months since signing the Letter of Intent, we have been able to form a collaboration with the university and, today, we can invite students to join the Hydrogen Academy,” commented Mariusz Grab, CEO of Grupa Azoty Zakłady Chemiczne "Police" S.A. and Vice-President of the Management Board of Grupa Azoty S.A.

"The specialisations of West Pomeranian University of Technology are deeply embedded in Szczecin and the West Pomeranian province. We have developed a specialised research infrastructure that enables local and international organisations to carry out research and development projects in engineering, technology, natural and exact sciences. We anticipate that the agreement will foster close collaboration in the field of education of young and talented people, who will be instrumental in building the Polish green industry of the future," said Jacek Wróbel, PhD, Eng, Rector of West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin.

The Hydrogen Academy is designed for students and graduates of S1 and S2 studies in technical or agricultural fields who have achieved an average grade of 4.0 or higher in their last semester of studies, or have completed their studies with an average of 4.0 or more. Additionally, doctoral students who have authored or co-authored a publication in a journal indexed in the Journal Citation Reports may attend. Applicants for the Academy must be under the age of thirty on the day of submitting the application form.

In addition to satisfying the formal requirements, the candidate must also fulfil a descriptive assignment.

Detailed information on the Hydrogen Academy can be obtained from the website

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